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How to increase website traffic using Link Buliding

For  content based websites like blogs, news, travel and free classifieds portal, Search Engine is the major source of traffic. Traditionally, the owners of such websites depend on Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to engineer the  porcess of getting maximum Search Visibility. SEO is definitely one of the prime requirement of a good website, however Google’s PageRank  algorithm also takes into account the in-bound(someone linking to you) and out-bound( you linking someone) links  on your site.

To gain better Search Visibility  you must make a rational use of these links.While a link-back from a superior site(in terms of Pagerank) can drastically improve  your Search Visibility, a link to any  inferior website(usually spam or pirate website)  can have negative impact on it.

Here we shall mainly docus upon the first aspect, i.e. getting link back from some  quality websites. You can try the following

1. Link  Exchange Program- Always put a section on your website   for information about the Link Exchange..i.e. Whom to Contact and How?.

You can get a list of websites interested in Link Exchange at various link directories. Few of them are http://www.link-exchange.ws/link-exchange/ and http://www.linkalizer.com/

First get listed on these websites and then try contacting the  relevant website owners  for link exchange partnership. Make Sure to verify the website which you are linking back   for the quality of its content and genuineity.

One Simple trick is  to ask yourself, whether the proposed link will be of any use to your visitors. If NO, then desist from such links.

2. Directory Listings: Web contains many user created directory of websites, most of them have high Page Ranks. Getting a link-back from such sites will definitely boost  your traffic.  It is generally  free to add your websites.Try adding your websites here

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Make sure that you provide correct and impressive content about your websites otherwise it may not get included.

The above tips are industry-best practices  and have been tested and verified with time. Do let me know if you have any questions