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Secure your Gmail with 2-Step Authentication

Security for your email account is a prime concern.Almost hacked accounts are the results of certain relaxation in security on the part of the user.
Want to add an extra layer of security to your Google account? Then go for 2-Step Authentication mechanism. This will secure your access to Gmail, Google Plus, Orkut, Google Docs and various other Google Services. All you need is a personal mobile/phone number.
1. Visit this page to configure your mobile number to your Google Account
2. Select your Country and Mobile/Phone Number.You will receive a code on it
3. Select the mode of receiving the security code. If using phone, select Voice Call.Google will send a code on your phone. Enter the code in the textbox below and click Verify
4. Click next and Confirm that you want to enable 2-Step Authentication.

You need to provide this code once every 30 days while logging in. Google will remember it for next 30 days. If you are using a different computer, then you require this code.

Google 2 Step Authentication

Google Plus updates faster than Google itself

Google Plus, with numerous flaws  and comparative lack of  better user interface, still manages to be a preferred choice when sharing of news is concerned. Recently, in the case of Norway bombings, the updates were available on Google Plus, much before , they were available on Google.

Below is the original story from Mashable, which reports it.

When a massive vehicle bomb went off Friday in Oslo, Norway, it was easier at first to find news about it on Google+ than Google itself. The search giant may have lost the relationship with Twitter that enabled its realtime search, but it has created a tool that can potentially compete with Twitter’s instant information fire hose.

Like Twitter, one advantage that Google+ has in breaking news situations is the ability to easily create a feed around any topic. On Twitter, this feed is called a list. On Google+, circles can be used the same way. Google+ user Siegfried Hirsch, for instance, has already suggested a list of Google+ users for following the Oslo bombing that includes reporters and residents of Oslo.

The latter group used Google+ to react to the bombing and post updates, similar to how many have used Twitter or Facebook in the past.

Google+ as a breaking news tool is far from perfect. Ironically, its biggest problem is search. Profiles include a “people search” but no topic search. The platform does have a content recommendation and discovery platform, Sparks, but its results for “Oslo bomb” look sparse compared to the results that a query for “Oslo site:plus.google.com” turns up on Google’s general search engine.

There’s also no way to easily pass on circles to other people. So while assembling a dedicated newsfeed is easy, sharing it requires that someone else visit each profile on the list and add it manually.

Despite its flaws, Google+ seems to be holding its own as a tool for breaking news, especially for a platform that is still invite only. We don’t know what tweaks to the platform are in the pipeline, but if they’re the right ones, there’s a chance that Google won’t miss its Twitter-enabled real-time search as much as we thought.


Source : Mashable.com

How to use Google Plus One to increase the traffic on your website

Overview of +1

Google’s yesterday launched the +1 button for its search results.While many perceive it as an attempt to control the growing influence of Facebook on the web, it has particularly embarked the new era of Social Web. Gone are those days when Webmaster’s used to Write and Users read it, things are happening other way round too.This will particularly influence the Search Engine Ranking and  will stop the saga of Black Hat SEO techniques, where ,by putting forged metadata, sites used to rank higher in Google.Now the users will see what they has been promoted by their peers.


See above and below this post.

As per Google – The +1 button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.” Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1’s can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search.

If you are a owner of a website, then it might help you in getting large amount of quality traffic.Its better to get going with +1 button as early birds and take the advantage of higher Search Engine Traffic, before your competitors start getting the same. The Google +1 button (“+1 Button”) is a means for applications, websites, and other services (collectively, “Publishers”) to provide the Google +1 sharing experience on their website and other services. Users can express their interest in a Publisher’s website by clicking the +1 Button

How to Setup +1 Button

STEP 1:-Add the following Code  immediately before the Closing BODY (</body>) tag.

  • <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js”></script>

You can use HTTPS also, if you want but that wont add any extra benefit to your site.

If you are using Code for Google Analytics, paste it before Analytics Code.


Place this code wherever you want the PlusOne Button to Appear

  • <g:plusone size=”tall”></g:plusone>

Other values for Size include small, medium and standard. If you dont specify the value of Size attribute, it will take the standard value of 24 px.

Where to Add +1 button

You can add Plus one ideally at any crawlable location on your web pages, but there are certain hot-spots which will give you more +1s.

1. Top  and Bottom of Posts in case of Blogs

2. Before the content starts on news portals

3.Sidebar of  your pages

Where not to put

1.Bottom of your web page

2. Header of your web page

3. Any  non-crawl-able area on the website
Treat it like an ad, and decide where should you place it on the page to attract the  action  of users.You can also put

Things you should not

1. You should not direct users to click the +1 Button for purposes of misleading users. You should not promote prizes, monies, or monetary equivalents in exchange for +1 Button clicks

2. You  should not attempt to discover the identity of a +1 Button user unless the user consents to share his or her identity with you via a Google-approved authorization procedure. This prohibition includes identifying users by correlating +1 Button reporting data from Google with Publisher data.

3. You should not alter or obfuscate the +1 Button, and Publishers may not associate the +1 Button with advertising content, such as putting the +1 Button on or adjacent to an ad, unless authorized to do so by Google




Use Free Google Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts is the best way to add amazing new free fonts to your site. Google web fonts are web safe fonts, which can be added to any site by adding a few simple lines of code to your html.

Enthused by the new font technology and with the intention to improve our web design fonts,  we tested out the Google web fonts. And it was much easier than I thought and was compatible with most web browsers.

Free Google Web Fonts

I decided to change the fonts of post titles on our front page and single pages. So we browsed across Google Web Fonts gallery and decided to chose Droid Serif, which incidently was the most popular serif font in the font directory (You can sort fonts by various filters).

google fonts

So I clicked on the Droid Serif font and decided to “Use the Font” and they gave me the code to use. This is the code to add to the head tags.
<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Droid+Serif' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

And this is how to modify the font family tag in CSS stylesheet. (Note the fall back font is Arial or any other serif font just in case the browser is unable to render the new Google web font.)
h1 { font-family: 'Droid Serif', arial, serif; }

So I just inserted the code between the <head> tags and modified the CSS and you can see the new font live on the title of this post and all title posts on the main page (as we added it to h2, h3, h4 tags also).

Try Google web fonts, as there are some really amazing web fonts out there and amaze your readers. You can add as many free web fonts as you like. Which is your favorite Google web font?


Free WordPress Customization Service for your blog

If you are new to  blogging and fear setting up your blog yourself,I  have come up a program to help needy people like you.I have decided to make 10 WordPress installations for FREE. This will include

  • WordPress Installation
  • Theme Setup
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  • Ad Management Integration
  • Page Speed Optimization using Page Caching and GZipping
  • SiteMap
  • Facebook  Like and Tweet  for each post
  • Feeds Redirection to Feedburner
  • Automatic Email Alert to all Subscribers

This program is being sponsored by Hostgator, the leading hosting provider on Web. From my experience ,they are one of the  cheapest  and quality hosting provider on web.

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So by signing up using this coupon code, you are entitled for

  • FREE WordPress Setup  and  Customization
  • 2 Months of hosting FREE or a discount of $9.94, whichever is more.
  • Free Google Adwords Credit  worth $100.

Once you Signup,simply male a comment to this post and I shall finish your installation-cum-customization within 24 working hours as promised.

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Explode Your Blog Traffic with a Perfect Blog Commenting Strategy

Guest post by Naveen Kulkarni. It is like writing on the wall that any blogger, who want his writing to be seen/read/bookmarked, needs traffic, explosive traffic. It’s the traffic which determines your success as a blogger regardless of your chosen niche.  During my journey of blogging on personal development niche, I also learnt tactics and some good practices to increase my blog traffic.

There are numerous ways to increase blog traffic, like social book marking, email newsletters, social forum participation, you tube, pod casting and so on. What I am going to discuss and explain in this article is how to increase your blog traffic exponentially by leveraging the power bog commenting which is one of the best Free method for getting explosive traffic for your blog (if done properly).

I crafted a 5 point strategy for achieving extraordinary results in terms of blog traffic though blog commenting.

1) Research, create a plan and set daily targets

Research: Before we discuss on how to create a plan for your commenting strategy, I suggest you to research on internet and find out, shortlist relevant blogs in your niche. This is beginning point of your commenting strategy. Use Google and run the search query for finding relevant blogs. Check couple of them and shortlist the blogs which are constantly updated and allow commenting. (Google does its job pretty well in showing relevant results when it comes to freshness of blog). Once you shortlist the relevant blogs, visit their website and immediately subscribe to them, so that you will know when latest articles are written on these blogs.

Create a plan: Every successfully executed task has a solid plan behind it. Blog Commenting also needs a well crafted plan. Your plan must be to submit/leave quality comments on at least 5-7 blogs a day. I will explain in a while about how to leave quality comments,

Set daily targets: You can set your daily targets for commenting activity. If you are a full time blogger, you can chose anywhere between 15-20 comments a day and if you blog part time then 5-7 comments would be enough to fill the timeslot you have for blog promotion. Feel free to experiment a bit on the time management but do set targets based on time you have.

2) Create a Comment Signature Line

This is where innovation comes into picture. Your comments need a signature. Create at least 3 versions of Signatures and save them in a notepad text file on your computer. Let me illustrate how your signatures would look like.

Signature # 1
Your Name – Blog Name
Latest Post on My Blog
Hyperlink to Your Latest Post

Signature # 2
Your Name – Blog Name
A Similar Post on My Blog
Hyperlink to Your Similar Post

Signature # 3
Your Name – Blog Name
A Slogan of Your Blog (If there is Slogan then have a nice catchy word so that it catches reader’s eye)

Why I am suggesting 3 versions of signatures and what I am going to achieve with these? Let me explain. In some blogs, hyperlinks are allowed in comment body. You can use either Signature 1 or 2 in that case. For the blogs that don’t allow hyperlinks in comment body, use signature 3. These are the signatures you need to put after every comment you leave on the other blogs.

3) Do you feel ‘I must comment on this’

This is where you either win or lose in your whole commenting strategy. Read and absorb the blog post that you are on and if it generates enough pull inside you to comment something on it, then go ahead and comment.

Don’t comment, if you don’t have anything to say, and that’s okay. You can always move on to next blog or a different blog post on same blog. Message here is comment naturally not by force of meeting your target :-)

4) Comment meaningfully and add the signature

Leave a meaningful comment by adding your honest opinion on the blog post. Avoid leaving short comments.

Now, it’s time to click the Submit button after commenting. Don’t forget to add the signature that was created in Step 2 of this article. Also, dont forget to check ’Subscribe to follow-up comments‘ so that you will know when someone replies your comment. In that case visit that blog again and comment again.

5) Measure your results in Google Analytics

Nothing motivates a blogger than a spike in traffic levels in his Google Analytics graph. Keep track of your traffic statistics on a weekly basis of bi-monthly basis. Be consistent with your commenting activities. I am sure you will be happy to see that a simple commenting strategy will bring loads of new traffic to your blog.

Guest author Naveen Kulkarni is founder and primary author of Winning Ideas.  You can also get the Free E Book called Winning Ideas for a Wonderful Life.