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The viral growth of Shraddha Sharma

Meet a girl named Shraddha Sharma  from Dehradun. She is the latest Internet Sensation in India after Govind Tiwari from Allahabad. Her  Facebook Page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shraddha-Sharma/156074794471305?sk=wall

It was created on August 17th this year and within 4 days she has managed to get over 3000 fans(3100 as of now) on Facebook and it is growing. The girl has a melodious voice  and is definitely good looking. She merely recited some(5-6) of her favorite songs in front of web cam :-) and uploaded it to Youtube.



While videos were uploaded sometimes back, the Facebook page was created just few days ago and it was done. She started getting thousands of followers.Just notice the pace at which her fan base is growing which I am sure is bound of cross 5000 by EOD today.


A Quick Update- Her total  fan-count on Facebook  

40,219 as on September 12, 2011

 74,813 as on October 3, 2011

125,792 on November 29,2011

Just came across her Twitter Page https://twitter.com/shraddhasharma6

Lessons from it

1.If you have  something genuine  to offer, customers will flock around you

The large portion of her visitors come from people who watch her videos  shared on Youtube.Just see the dedication in her when she sings!!

2.She did not spend money on Facebook Ads

These days companies spend millions of bucks on ads, but still cannot achieve this mountain target of 1000 fans/day. What it requires is the inner passion in spreading word  about your product. As some people say word of mouth is the best strategy for brand development.Ask any of the marketing guys and they will name you hundreds of sinks, where to spend money for advertising viz. Facebook Ads, Adwords etc.

3. Had a boy done so, would he have been equally successful?

My answer is NO. The G-Factor is prevalent in almost all spheres of industry. If a girl does something she is bound to get more social appreciations vis-a-vis boys. So, hire a girl PR for your organization.

4. It looks like organic campaigns have started  to give more success than paid ones.A time to change our rudders. Remember Govind Tiwari from Allahabad :-) How many of you will actually do this?


Google Plus updates faster than Google itself

Google Plus, with numerous flaws  and comparative lack of  better user interface, still manages to be a preferred choice when sharing of news is concerned. Recently, in the case of Norway bombings, the updates were available on Google Plus, much before , they were available on Google.

Below is the original story from Mashable, which reports it.

When a massive vehicle bomb went off Friday in Oslo, Norway, it was easier at first to find news about it on Google+ than Google itself. The search giant may have lost the relationship with Twitter that enabled its realtime search, but it has created a tool that can potentially compete with Twitter’s instant information fire hose.

Like Twitter, one advantage that Google+ has in breaking news situations is the ability to easily create a feed around any topic. On Twitter, this feed is called a list. On Google+, circles can be used the same way. Google+ user Siegfried Hirsch, for instance, has already suggested a list of Google+ users for following the Oslo bombing that includes reporters and residents of Oslo.

The latter group used Google+ to react to the bombing and post updates, similar to how many have used Twitter or Facebook in the past.

Google+ as a breaking news tool is far from perfect. Ironically, its biggest problem is search. Profiles include a “people search” but no topic search. The platform does have a content recommendation and discovery platform, Sparks, but its results for “Oslo bomb” look sparse compared to the results that a query for “Oslo site:plus.google.com” turns up on Google’s general search engine.

There’s also no way to easily pass on circles to other people. So while assembling a dedicated newsfeed is easy, sharing it requires that someone else visit each profile on the list and add it manually.

Despite its flaws, Google+ seems to be holding its own as a tool for breaking news, especially for a platform that is still invite only. We don’t know what tweaks to the platform are in the pipeline, but if they’re the right ones, there’s a chance that Google won’t miss its Twitter-enabled real-time search as much as we thought.


Source : Mashable.com

How to use Google Plus One to increase the traffic on your website

Overview of +1

Google’s yesterday launched the +1 button for its search results.While many perceive it as an attempt to control the growing influence of Facebook on the web, it has particularly embarked the new era of Social Web. Gone are those days when Webmaster’s used to Write and Users read it, things are happening other way round too.This will particularly influence the Search Engine Ranking and  will stop the saga of Black Hat SEO techniques, where ,by putting forged metadata, sites used to rank higher in Google.Now the users will see what they has been promoted by their peers.


See above and below this post.

As per Google – The +1 button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.” Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1’s can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search.

If you are a owner of a website, then it might help you in getting large amount of quality traffic.Its better to get going with +1 button as early birds and take the advantage of higher Search Engine Traffic, before your competitors start getting the same. The Google +1 button (“+1 Button”) is a means for applications, websites, and other services (collectively, “Publishers”) to provide the Google +1 sharing experience on their website and other services. Users can express their interest in a Publisher’s website by clicking the +1 Button

How to Setup +1 Button

STEP 1:-Add the following Code  immediately before the Closing BODY (</body>) tag.

  • <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js”></script>

You can use HTTPS also, if you want but that wont add any extra benefit to your site.

If you are using Code for Google Analytics, paste it before Analytics Code.


Place this code wherever you want the PlusOne Button to Appear

  • <g:plusone size=”tall”></g:plusone>

Other values for Size include small, medium and standard. If you dont specify the value of Size attribute, it will take the standard value of 24 px.

Where to Add +1 button

You can add Plus one ideally at any crawlable location on your web pages, but there are certain hot-spots which will give you more +1s.

1. Top  and Bottom of Posts in case of Blogs

2. Before the content starts on news portals

3.Sidebar of  your pages

Where not to put

1.Bottom of your web page

2. Header of your web page

3. Any  non-crawl-able area on the website
Treat it like an ad, and decide where should you place it on the page to attract the  action  of users.You can also put

Things you should not

1. You should not direct users to click the +1 Button for purposes of misleading users. You should not promote prizes, monies, or monetary equivalents in exchange for +1 Button clicks

2. You  should not attempt to discover the identity of a +1 Button user unless the user consents to share his or her identity with you via a Google-approved authorization procedure. This prohibition includes identifying users by correlating +1 Button reporting data from Google with Publisher data.

3. You should not alter or obfuscate the +1 Button, and Publishers may not associate the +1 Button with advertising content, such as putting the +1 Button on or adjacent to an ad, unless authorized to do so by Google