How to use Google Plus One to increase the traffic on your website

Overview of +1

Google’s yesterday launched the +1 button for its search results.While many perceive it as an attempt to control the growing influence of Facebook on the web, it has particularly embarked the new era of Social Web. Gone are those days when Webmaster’s used to Write and Users read it, things are happening other way round too.This will particularly influence the Search Engine Ranking and  will stop the saga of Black Hat SEO techniques, where ,by putting forged metadata, sites used to rank higher in Google.Now the users will see what they has been promoted by their peers.


See above and below this post.

As per Google – The +1 button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.” Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1’s can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search.

If you are a owner of a website, then it might help you in getting large amount of quality traffic.Its better to get going with +1 button as early birds and take the advantage of higher Search Engine Traffic, before your competitors start getting the same. The Google +1 button (“+1 Button”) is a means for applications, websites, and other services (collectively, “Publishers”) to provide the Google +1 sharing experience on their website and other services. Users can express their interest in a Publisher’s website by clicking the +1 Button

How to Setup +1 Button

STEP 1:-Add the following Code  immediately before the Closing BODY (</body>) tag.

  • <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

You can use HTTPS also, if you want but that wont add any extra benefit to your site.

If you are using Code for Google Analytics, paste it before Analytics Code.


Place this code wherever you want the PlusOne Button to Appear

  • <g:plusone size=”tall”></g:plusone>

Other values for Size include small, medium and standard. If you dont specify the value of Size attribute, it will take the standard value of 24 px.

Where to Add +1 button

You can add Plus one ideally at any crawlable location on your web pages, but there are certain hot-spots which will give you more +1s.

1. Top  and Bottom of Posts in case of Blogs

2. Before the content starts on news portals

3.Sidebar of  your pages

Where not to put

1.Bottom of your web page

2. Header of your web page

3. Any  non-crawl-able area on the website
Treat it like an ad, and decide where should you place it on the page to attract the  action  of users.You can also put

Things you should not

1. You should not direct users to click the +1 Button for purposes of misleading users. You should not promote prizes, monies, or monetary equivalents in exchange for +1 Button clicks

2. You  should not attempt to discover the identity of a +1 Button user unless the user consents to share his or her identity with you via a Google-approved authorization procedure. This prohibition includes identifying users by correlating +1 Button reporting data from Google with Publisher data.

3. You should not alter or obfuscate the +1 Button, and Publishers may not associate the +1 Button with advertising content, such as putting the +1 Button on or adjacent to an ad, unless authorized to do so by Google




Revamping the educational model with ThinkVidya

Education economy had seen  a burst in its growth in the past decade.With the recent increase in the number of IITs and IIMs, this has attained a new height. What is even more surprising is the development of Sub-University economy comprising of Coaching Institutes,Preparatory Classes, Training Centers, Tutions,Computer Learning Centers etc. The way these institutes have grown up has by-passed all imagination and these have turned out to be more profitable compared to the parent Colleges and Universities. While certain regulations exist for these colleges and varsities, there are no such well-defined   standards and guidelines for these small , highly profitable Institutes.Searching for a good institute is tough nut to crack especially in big towns  and metro cities. This was the idea when and decided to join hands and came up with .

What it Offers

Thinkvidya has something to offer for every age group.While the parents can find information about schools, preschools, summer programs and home tuitions for children; youngsters can get information about colleges, sports coaching, professional courses, competitive exam coaching and lot more. The adult audience on the other side can find information on anything and everything they might want to learn. This includes but not limited to performing arts, visual arts, computers, languages, cooking, fitness and yoga, mind and spirituality topics, sports, corporate training and lot more. The site boasts of covering training and learning option in over 700 categories across 16 cities in India. This includes Ahmedabad , Bangalore ,  Chennai , Delhi,  Kolkata,  Mumbai,  Hyderabad,  Pune,  Chandigarh,Coimbatore , Goa, Indore,  Jaipur,  Lucknow, Nagpur and  Vadodara. Users can ask questions, post reviews, follow any school or trainer listing as well as contact the providers directly. It allows users to not only find best places for education & learning but also contact trainers, post a requirement, provide reviews and much more. The existing users and trainers of the will be moved on to new website without a glitch and they will continue to enjoy their benefits.


It has  a simple lucid registration page asking for few details like Name, Email , City etc. However, it would  have been better if there was  a customized Signup page each  for Learner, Trainer, Tutor,School, Parent etc. If you have a Facebook Account You can skip the signup and Login directly.Click here to Signup now

How Much Does It Cost?

Till now the site   has a no Payment Link so its completely free to use. I dont know what is the business model associated with this project,but I could see few ads in the Search Results Page. I would rather recommend them going for banner and text ads instead of Sponsored listings or Pay-for-Use model.

UI Analysis

I am impressed that they have spent a considerable chunk of time in developing the look and feel  and gave it a standard Web 2.0 layout.However, it is not fully validated  against the W3c XHTML Strict standards.


Thinkvidya also offers  a  city specific discussion board. Members can ask questions or reply to existing  discussions. At present most of the discussions are confined to Bangalore only.Visit Thinkvidya forum


If you seek information about ancient Indian education and practices, I would suggest you to browse Articles Section.It has various  resources related to Yoga, Reiki, Folk dances etc.



You can subscribe to alerts  for School Admission,Summer Program  and other activities in your city. A mail will be sent to you when something related occurs in your city

In overall, the site has lot to offer  and can be a good substitute to educational yellowpages in future.It lays the foundation of educational networking where both teachers and students can interact online and benefit themselves.So if you are planning to invest into educational sector or want to reap benefit from it ThinkViyda is definitely the best choice  for you.Join now and experience the fundas of educational networking

Delicious now owned by Youtube Founders

Back in March, there were rumors out thatYahoo will be selling Delicious to StumbleUpon. Today the uncertainty over the fate of Delicious bookmarking service is over. It has been bought by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen who were founders of YouTube.

Earlier Yahoo has planned to shut-down Delicious but with outrage by many internet groups, it decided that it will end up selling Delicious instead of closing it down. This shows how much, Yahoo was aware of the popularity of their own service.

Delicious bookmarks was exclusive and simple. It was not ever meant to be a Stumbleupon or a Digg like service. This does mean less volumes of sharing bookmarks will happen but quality ends up high.

The new owners of Delicious, will have to make delicious more social at the same time manage to make sure users still find it useful and there is no information overload which seems to happen with other bookmarking services.

At the moment, when users sign into their Delicious account, users are prompted to give permission to Delicious to move the bookmarks from Yahoo to the new owner.

I think YouTube, which is Google on real product which is social and yet successful. So YouTube founders might be able to meet these challenges quite well.

What are your views? Will you stay with Delicious or move to them to Google Bookmarks? Do drop in your comments.



Search RSS feeds with CtrlQ

Meet – a search tool to help you discover RSS feeds around your topics of interest. You may use ctrlQ to find feeds for blogs, news websites, podcasts, and more. 

A unique feature (see video demo) of this tool is that it you can preview feed content inline, from the the search results page itself, thus making it easier for you to decide whether a site / feed matches your interest or not.

You may use any of the Google advanced search operators – like site, allintitle or inurl – in your queries to further refine your search results. If you find an interesting feed, hit the corresponding Subscribe link to subscribe to that feed in your preferred news reader.

The site internally uses Google Feeds API while the presentation is made possible with YUI Library and the awesome jQuery. The feed button is powered by AddToAny.


Dont miss Startup City 2011 at Bangalore on May 28

The biggest event for Startups is back! After all the previous successful earlier editions in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai, SiliconIndia is back with the Startup city in Bangalore on May 28th.

This time they have over 100 ‘cool startups’ presenting their products and services.

At the event:

Watch live product demonstrations

Get a peek into cutting edge technologies

Lay hands on the best-of-breed solutions

Meet young, energetic, passionate geeks

Experience the culture of innovation in small companies

Listen to Visionary Keynotes and In-depth Panel Discussions.

You can meet founders & the star engineers from these companies and see how they built cutting edge products.  There’s no better way to get a good sense of the product ecosystem! It’s by far the largest and most exciting event of its kind in Bangalore.

Startups exhibiting at event this year:

ADIS India, Y Media Labs, Contus Support Interactive, Kritnu IT
Solutions,Luna Ergonomics
Mobiwhiz Technologies, Cybonyx Systems, Exalttech, Scalers & Victors,
Sathvic Software Solutions, SVSOFT
Hakunamatata, Tree Shore, Param Hotels, Pensez Software
Services,Mpigeon, WoodApple UnikSolutionz, XPT Consultancy & Software
Robosoft,Define Labs, EI Labs India, Zinnia Systems, Lekha Wireless
Solutions, Aqualogic Tech Systems, Mavin InfoTech
Indrion Technologies, Infovault Services, Xenis Infocom, Interactive
GreenEngery Services, Phi Robotics
Keystone Logic Solutions, Omkarsoft,Micronest
software,VidTeq,Creatives that work,Lucivid Software Systems,Ideation
Technology Solutions
LeapSwitch Networks, Hire Mantra,Netweb Technologies, Snyxius, Zven
Technologies, CMO Axis,Wallsys,O Million, Stayzilla, E Lagaan
In and Out ,Opcord, Glopore IMS ,Softtrends, Saffron Labs

To attend this event, register FREE at

TIME: 8.30 AM to 4 PM
WHEN: May 28, 2011
WHERE: Nimhans Convention Center, Bangalore (Near Dairy Circle)

Go Green Kids- An initiative to make children go green

Green Yatra is organising an environmental educational non-profit initiative, Go GREEN Kids, where students will learn how to be more respectful of our Mother Earth, learn of ways to reduce  pollution, recycle and contribute towards a Greener life for us all and Inspire their Parents, Elders and Teachers for the same.  In turn, this initiative will install in our children a more respectful, proud, and conscious character, which will enable them to be even more valuable and appreciated members of our society.


Children can win a cash prize of Rs. 2, 00,000, scholarships and lots of other benefits along with saving Mother Earth and contributing towards a Greener future for us all.  It is completely FREE, with no strings attached!


Each and every student will also be awarded with a participation certificate which will be life time asset to them and their credentials. Visit for more detail. Go Green Kids is an initiative by Green Yatra, an NGO.

We are looking forward to having your full support and participation in helping us educate children and encourage them to participate and be aware about the environment and to respect it in daily lifestyle. Your small support will help to us launch this campaign to a different height and be an inspiration for all. So Be a part of Change toward safe, pollution-free Green Earth by encouraging  your children, children at your home, relatives, friends and neighbours  to participate, spread the words, forward this mail to all as much as you can because WE ALL live on this Planet Earth and must thrive for towards its Green Present and Future.


Be the Change, Bring the Change… Become the Change-maker and join hands with us. To be our volunteer partner, donor, supporter, and collaborator, please write us on:

Join us on facebook:

And follow on twitter at:


Develop your entrepreneurial skills with HYDCUBATOR at IIIT Hyderabad

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of IIIT-Hyderabad is pleased to announce HydCubator-2011.

The Hydcubator program aims to bring together committed individuals(teams) working on developing cutting-edge products or services under its wings and help them to convert their products into a sustainable business by providing the initial guidance, funding and mentoring.
It helps through the most difficult phase of entrepreneurship..the concept to cash.

We connect teams with mentors, investors, experienced entrepreneurs, financial experts and advisors
who guide the teams to develop their business ideas into sustainable businesses.

As part of the start up formalities,we work closely with the selected teams during the implementation phase
by setting up the needed development and business processes. In addition, help will be provided to the teams to get evangelists and early stage customers.

The program will involve one-on-one sessions, regular presentations on technical and business issues as well as networking events.

Entries (format below) are invited from product-based startups and will be broadly evaluated based on depthof technology,novelty of idea,nicheness of product and team strength.

Please send in your entries to by May 31, 2011.


Template for submission to HydCubator


1. Define the company’s purpose in a single sentence.

A clear purpose helps making tough decisions simpler.

2. What problem are you solving and for whom?

3. Describe your solution to the customer’s problem.

Show us how your product makes their life better. Describe real world use cases in as much detail as possible.


4. Why is now the right time for your product to be launched ?

Tell us about the environment in the market you intend to serve, show us that there’s a gap that you’re serving

5. What is your target market segment ?

Give us a picture of who your target customers are?

6. Tell us about the competition.

Who are your competitors, what advantages do you have and what external factors affect your industry ?

7.Tell us about your product.

Talk about your product-line up, describe the features, the competitive advantages of the product, intellectual property, how do you intend to roll out your product, etc.

8. Your Business Model

How are you going to earn revenue, how are you going to spend it ? How much does your product cost? Who are your first customers going to be?

9. Your team

Tell us something about the founders and team members, if you have any work experience in industry, the kind of projects you have handled as project TAs etc

10. Your financials

How much money do you need, how long will it last you and what will that money allow you to achieve ?

11. Prior commitments

Do you have any prior commitments that we need to know about? How many team members are working full time? If you get funded will you quit your job immediately? If you are a student, how do you plan to work on this product?

12. Contributions

List any public urls or ids we can look at to get a sense of the founders capabilities and personality ie. your blog or website or ids from linkedin, twitter, hackernews, stackoverflow, etc.

13. What is the current level of development

How long will it take for you to get a prototype ready to show to customers? Do you have beta customers already? Any evidence of traction?

14. Anything else

Do you have a demo we could take a look at? If you have any powerpoint presentations or mockups of your product, please upload them to a server and paste the link here. Use google docs for excel files, slideshare for presentations, etc.


Startup Garage event at Pune this weekend

What is Startup Garage?

A high-energy weekend program that brings together developers,
designers, marketers and startup enthusiasts to start building
startups from the ideas they have been sketching.

Who should attend?

1. Someone with an idea they would like to validate and work on Or
2. Someone without an idea, but is curiously passionate to do a

When & Where?

This edition of Startup Garage would be held in Pune over the coming
weekend 29th April-1st May 2011


Click on link to read more:


Write to i [at] or visit

Microsoft offering $1 lakh to start-ups in India

Microsoft said India is a strategic market for it, and also announced a $ one-lakh grant to promote innovation among domestic start-up companies.

‘Microsoft is happy to reiterate its commitment to India by fostering innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Towards this, we are pleased to launch the ‘Microsoft Bizspark India Start-up Challenge’ under which four most promising start-ups will share a prize money of $1,00,000,’ Microsoft Corp chief operating officer Kevin Turner said here.

On investment plans for India this fiscal, Turner said they will continue to invest here as it is strategically an important market. But he refused to give any specifics in terms of the timeline or quantum of such investment.

The Microsoft Bizspark India Start-up Challenge is a unique contest for start-ups in the field of product software to showcase their creativity, get constructive feedback, inputs on technology roadmap and gain mentorship from peers, investors and Microsoft.

The first two winners will get $ 40,000 each and the two runners-up will get $ 10,000 each under the contest, which will be open to all the 1,300 member-companies of the Microsoft BizSpark platform. The contest opens today and will run till June.

The BizSpark platform has been running to promote a local software ecosystem, Microsoft India general manager for developer platform evangelism Moorthy Uppaluri.

Over the years, through the Spark series, Microsoft has helped and guided many aspiring entrepreneurs, Uppaluri said and insisted that this is not a revenue-based business model but an investment being made under personal guidance of Bill Gates.

‘What more, with 4.5 million downloads of Microsoft programmes/products, a year, India has become the largest free-software download market in the world,’ Uppaluri said.

The Spark series include DreamSpark, WebsiteSpark, I-Spark, BizSpark and BizSparkOne aimed at students and entrepreneurs alike.


India Product Management Association – Launch of Pune Chapter

We are very excited to launch the Pune chapter of India Product Management Association. India Product Management Association (IPMA) is a not-for-profit, voluntary, grassroots organization.

IPMA Mission is to Foster Product Design and Innovation and Catalyze Product Management/Marketing Talent in India across software, mobile, hardware, telecommunications sectors in the IT industry.

IPMA organizes knowledge sharing and networking forums such as Monthly Speaker Series, Workshops, P-Camps etc and operate chapters in major product hubs across India. Come be part of an organization, share your knowledge, learn from others and launch your career in the next orbit.

Time: April 29, 2011 from 4pm to 6pm
Location: Hosted By: BMC Software, SB road, Pune
Website or Map:
Organized By: IPMA Pune,