Poonam Pandey

What Entrepreneurs can learn from Poonam Pandey ?

Poonam PandeyIf  You use Facebook or Twitter and still ask me “Who is Poonam Pandey ? “, I would advise you to deactivate your Account and go to sleep.

It is not that I am a big Fan of Poonam Pandey, but anyone who closely monitors her success with Social Media will be forced to give her a standing ovation. After all, how many Bollywood Actresses could garner over 3 Lakhs Twitter Followers and an equal number of Facebook Fans. Or, which Actor in Indian Cinema could create so much Buzz about his Debut Movie, in the way Poonam has done?

Her personal website is one of the most visited one in India and if she wishes to commercialize it, she could easily earn  handsome amount of Dollars each month.

Companies like Intel, HP, Essar, MMT advertise like hell to create a Social Media Buzz, while Poonam does it by tweeting just 140 characters.

As an entrepreneur I find it quite interesting example of Social Media Success and the way it has shaped the Business.

1. Forget Advertising, try Socializing

Advertising gains consumers, but Socializing retains them. Brands keep on spending the Lion’s Share of their Marketing Budget on Adwords and Facebook Ads, but many of them dont spend on bringing them back or hearing their Complaints.

A Classic Example –

I was impressed by the initiative of @2WinFounder  to reply every random Tweet made about Parking Frenzy.  Needless to say, when a Gamer receives a Thank You tweet from the CEO of a company which made the game, he is bound to come back again and again.

2. Twitter is like a Volcano , while Facebook is an Ocean.

I have been made to believe that Twitter is like an Active Volcano. The sudden rise of Poonam to Stardom was due to her controversial Tweets only, which were accidently (or luckily ) noted by Thousands of Twitter users. A Single Tweet from your handle can fly you to the Top, no matter who you are. So Pick an Idea, compose carefully, Tweet and Pray like hell.

You have to be word selective while Tweeting  and it must draw attention.  Writing a Tweet is similar to writing a Business Tagline.

Most of the Viral Brands like Poonam Pandey, Faking News etc. engage more on Twitter. But their Tweets are interesting, catchy and each of them brings them 100s  of new followers.

In contrast Facebook, having 10 times more users than Twitter, resembles an Ocean. Once your brand is made on Facebook, whatever garbage you post gets likes and comments. But  creating a brand on Facebook is a long and Smooth process. Like, Rome it cannot be built in a day.

3. Push and Pull Trends

One cannot predict what is going trend the next moment. While a PUSH is given by the incident that triggers the trend, the Real PULL is given exerted by millions of Twitter users who follow the trend in their tweets after spotting the trend.

Every time, something trends big, it becomes  Flash Headlines and News Media starts promoting it for their own. This is the reason why you spot Abhjjit Mukherjee trending top on Twitter even a fortnight after making his controversial statement.

Poonam is a veteran of both PUSHers and PULLers. When she feels that Buzz around her has been low for a while, she tweets something which draws attention of large number of her followers and a trend is pushed to the top of Twitter. A recent example is #EarRingsLikePoonamPandey.

Often she pulls the attention of Twitter users by tweeting with the available trending topics. More often her tweets are on the top for a given hashtag.


(This was the first part of this series. I would publish a second part soon focusing on the Brand Management and Market Capitalization of Poonam Pandey).