This letter is dedicated to all present and past students of Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, Patna Campus (BIT Patna), who feel that they committed a mistake by joining the institute. I wrote this in February 2013, in response to several negative comments on a Facebook Page about BIT. I am publishing a slightly modified version of the same here.

I am from first batch (2006-10) of BIT Patna . When we took Admissions, it was hardly a College. No Internet, No Canteen, No Gym, No Power Backup. Somehow they had made two Classrooms, two laboratories, few rooms in two hostels and a small library. There were no roads, the Institute Campus was full of Mud, no Bus, no Medical Facility, no Games and if that was not enough some Herculean Restrictions were imposed on us in the name of Discipline. Above all there was NO one to guide us, no one to inspire us by telling the fancy stories of lucrative job offers at the end of 4 years.

We were left completely blank during initial days. We had to adapt to the Circumstances and we learnt how to live with the worst of it. I envy you guys who have been given so many facilities, but always complain. Here, you have got enormous opportunities to excel in life, provided you realise it. Anyway, everyone realises this 1-2 year after leaving the college.

I had dropped out of one of the most prominent Govt. Engineering College (with 100 % Placements) of Jharkhand, just to join BIT Patna and that too against my Parents’ Wishes. I have no regrets, there were guys who left NIT Patna, COE Jadavpur University, MNIT Allahabad too to join BIT Patna.

You cannot realize the dilemma when you drop a well established College for the sake of a new institute with uncertain future. However, here was something called Brand BIT, an Internationally acclaimed Brand which made me feel important and superior whenever I met outsiders (except with those of IITs 🙂 )

We had no luxury as you guys have. We just lived with a hope that someday things would definitely go better. But this did not happen, when the time of placements came, Global Economy went into Recession (2008 Global Recession). All our hopes were crushed, yet we had prepared for the worst. Most of us planned to go for Higher Studies. Somehow everyone from the first batch got placed and many even got into Top global companies.

During my College Days, as a part of a Survey I had to visit offices of several Government Departments in Patna. Not a single place was there, where a Senior Position was not occupied by some Alumni of BIT. In fact, my task was greatly simplified all because of them. The moment they learnt that I was from BIT, they started treating me like their younger brother or a colleague. The same applies to many Government and Private offices in the Country. All you need is to believe in where you come from and who you are.

Today when I meet someone and say that I am from BIT, they always hold me in high esteem. Respects automatically start showering the moment the a person comes to know about my college. Get outside India and tell someone that you are from Birla Institute of Technology and see the difference it makes.

What I want to mean is that by joining BIT you have joined the Ivy League of Technocrats who have played a very important role in shaping the future of this nation since last 50 years and who are regarded as one of the best breed of Engineers. You have the same degree which is hold by likes of Anjan Lahiri, Deven Sharma, Dr. Ganesh Natarajan,Sanjay Nayak,Himanshu Kapania, Niraj Sharan and many more.

Take Pride that you are from BIT and elevate yourself to the level of those who had been once a part of BIT. Getting a First Job is not a big deal, you would definitely get one. It might not be more paying than that of your friends in other colleges, but in the long run you will certainly have better opportunities due to this tag of BIT. Not only in Career, this brand will help you in every sphere of life, provided you know how to use it. You made a smart choice by joining BIT and now its the time to show your potential to the outside world.


Every morning I get an unsolicited email from offering me a Samsung Galaxy for Rs 99 and as usual I have to trash it out.

At the footer, there exists an interesting legal disclaimer

Disclaimer: Since India has no anti-spamming law, we follow the US directive passed in Bill 1618 Title III by the 105th US Congress, which states that mail cannot be considered spam if it contains contact information, which this mail does.
FYI never signed up on or subscribed to their mailers. Infact the first time I paid a visit to this site was today and that too for unsubscribing from its mailer.

Now several questions cascade in my mind

1. Does this law give someone the right to pick my email address at random and bombard me with worthless marketing promotions? In US this law came to effect in 2003 See Here, but was never enforced. This law is also known as ‘You-can-SPAM ‘ act providing a legal umbrella to the spammers.

2. How does a law in United States give the legality to SPAMMING in India? Put in other terms, someone can organize Live Pornography in India, just because it is legal in some countries.

3. The law says that it requires a Physical Address, Email Address and Phone Number for transmission on unsolicited commercial material. Since this email had no physical address, so it fails to abide by even the US which it claims so far.

4. It contained a phone number +91-11-43444444 as contact option. How can I remain assured that the sender is the legitimate holder of this phone number (just to ensure that it fully abides by so called US Anti-Spam Laws)? Of Course, I am not going to call this number and waste my money

This way, can I legalize any SPAM email by putting any fake contact options in it.

4. What if I pick up the emails of every Who’s Who of and send this email with the same disclaimer?

While I refer here to, I have been constantly victimized by many other similar mailers in the category of Retail, Deals, and Jobs. Even well known portals like continue to SPAM even after multiple un-subscription request.

Thanks to Gmail’s Anti SPAM technology which prevents 90% of SPAM from featuring in my inbox. And I follow a strict practice of reporting such mailers as SPAM to the Gmail Team.

The question is do we need a Anti-SPAM Law like in US. If such a law comes, can it be enforced properly. Would it be effective enough as envisaged?

Or, do we require a regulation like Do- Not- Disturb Service as in SMS Marketing?

NOTE: This item was previously post on TheRODINHOODS with some minor changes


Meet a girl named Shraddha Sharma from Dehradun. She is the latest Internet Sensation in India after Govind Tiwari from Allahabad. Her Facebook Page is

It was created on August 17th this year and within 4 days she has managed to get over 3000 fans(3100 as of now) on Facebook and it is growing. The girl has a melodious voice and is definitely good looking. She merely recited some(5-6) of her favorite songs in front of web cam 🙂 and uploaded it to Youtube.

While videos were uploaded sometimes back, the Facebook page was created just few days ago and it was done. She started getting thousands of followers.Just notice the pace at which her fan base is growing which I am sure is bound of cross 5000 by EOD today.

A Quick Update- Her total fan-count on Facebook

40,219 as on September 12, 2011

74,813 as on October 3, 2011

125,792 on November 29,2011

Just came across her Twitter Page

Lessons from it

1.If you have something genuine to offer, customers will flock around you

The large portion of her visitors come from people who watch her videos shared on Youtube.Just see the dedication in her when she sings!!

2.She did not spend money on Facebook Ads

These days companies spend millions of bucks on ads, but still cannot achieve this mountain target of 1000 fans/day. What it requires is the inner passion in spreading word about your product. As some people say word of mouth is the best strategy for brand development.Ask any of the marketing guys and they will name you hundreds of sinks, where to spend money for advertising viz. Facebook Ads, Adwords etc.

3. Had a boy done so, would he have been equally successful?

My answer is NO. The G-Factor is prevalent in almost all spheres of industry. If a girl does something she is bound to get more social appreciations vis-a-vis boys. So, hire a girl PR for your organization.

4. It looks like organic campaigns have started to give more success than paid ones.A time to change our rudders. Remember Govind Tiwari from Allahabad 🙂 How many of you will actually do this?